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We all chase after a tanned, glowing complexion during summer, but what about making our skin glow from within?

While we take advantage of the summer days to top up on vitamin D and protect our skin on the outside, it is also important to consider the nutrients that work for our benefit from the inside.

That’s where vitamin A comes in.

What is vitamin A

Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant, protecting our cells from free radical damage to collagen – our skin’s support structure.

It can be found in animal products such as cheese, eggs and oily fish, or absorbed by our bodies directly from plant-based foods. These include leafy, yellow, red and green vegetables such as spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and red peppers.

However, an increasing number of people look to boost their skin’s health with vitamin A and turn to supplements or treatments to achieve their desired results.

What benefits can you expect?

Whether it comes from the products you use or the food you eat, the wholesome properties of vitamin A will give you an upper hand in keeping your skin firm, radiant and youthful.

Its potent benefits can enhance your skin in many different ways:

  • It is widely used to combat acne and treat severe scarring
  • It protects your skin against UV damage
  • Supports healthy cell production
  • Stimulates fibroblast cells in the deep layers of our skin to keep it firm
  • Protects your skin from pollution and other harmful irritants
  • Smooths wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps to combat pigmentation and even out the skin tone
  • Slows the signs of ageing

Our Recommendations

We have a few products at Dermal Clinic that will inject a sufficient dose of vitamin A into your daily routine, keeping your skin glowing all year round.


Our own Bioceutrics range of skincare is packed with high-impact multiple active ingredients to charge your skin daily and help maintain its good health.

The products target each layer of your skin to hydrate, protect and repair while fighting the signs of ageing.

The carefully picked combination of clinically proven ingredients will deliver visible results and keep your skin smooth and radiant without a time-consuming skin care regime.

Environ Skincare

The range of moisturisers in Environ Essential Skin Care contain a series of products with increasing amounts of vitamin A, as well as other powerful vitamins and antioxidants.

Your skin will be replenished with an array of essential nutrients that daily life and stresses take away.

The C-Quence Ionzyme range enriched with peptides will deliver a highly effective combination of ingredients to help you achieve an even, glowing complexion, while the alternative AVST range can be used by patients who suffer from congestion and hormonal breakouts.

AVST is a step-up range which allows to ease your skin into the treatment. Optimal levels of vitamin A are delivered, restoring your skin’s natural levels and revealing its natural beauty.

Advanced Nutrition Programme

We offer a range of supplements for anyone looking to boost skin radiance and general health.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme is available to buy in the clinic at £80 and can help to meet daily intakes of vital nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin A.

Creams and lotions can only reach so far, so give yourself a beauty boost that starts within.

Consultant Dermatologist

For severe cases of acne and scarring, we’d recommend an appointment with our own Dr. Andrew MacKenzie, Consultant Dermatologist.

Andrew is proficient in General Dermatology and has specialist interest in Dermatological Surgery and Paediatric Dermatology – so he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.

He can prescribe Roaccutane to patients, a powerful derivative of vitamin A which helps to treat scarring and severe acne. However, it is only prescribed in cases where first and second treatments (such as antibiotics) have been unsuccessful.

To arrange a consultation or to find out more about how you can look better, feel better at Dermal Clinic, call 0131 447 2642 or contact us here.

what our clients say

Honest and Genuine Advice

I was super nervous on my first visit and Jackie completely put me at ease. Her advice was honest and genuine and that was wholeheartedly appreciated. All of the staff at dermal clinic are professional and provide a lovely, welcoming environment. My treatment was quick and painless and the results are amazing. I feel 10 years younger and my confidence is better than it has been in years. Thanks so much to Jackie and the team. I can’t wait for my next appointment!

June 2022

Professional with Principles

I have been attending Dermalclinic for a number of years and the staff are so professional and caring. I have had a number of treatments and absolutely love the facials and the results! Treatments with Jackie are amazing and the time that she takes to understand the look and the result that you are looking for. I love that this is a lady of principles, she is honest about treatments and if the treatment, isn’t right for you, she will always have the honesty to tell you and suggest an alternative. dermal clinic really do care about their clients.

March 2022

Highly Recommended in Each Way

I have been a regular client for a few years and there is no better place in Edinburgh. Amazing, fully professional attitude toward clients' needs. I have had Botox in my forehead area and it looks incredible. Highly recommended in each way!

March 2022

Kind and Professional

I've been going to dermal clinic for a couple years now and can highly recommend. I had enquired about anti-wrinkle treatment and from the start, the staff have been so kind and professional. Jackie went through what I wanted, she provided me with options whilst explaining everything thoroughly. There was no rush or pressure whatsoever and now I've been receiving Botox for a couple years! I cannot thank Jackie enough for giving me my confidence back!

January 2022

Very Professional Approach

Excellent experience at this super friendly clinic. Jackie has a very professional approach taking time to go over the various options with no pressure whatsoever. Receptionist was most helpful also. Many thanks once again.

August 2021

Great Experience

I just wanted to leave a review to say what a great experience I’ve had at dermal clinic. I had the misfortune of visiting a substandard aesthetic nurse and promised myself my next appointment would be with the best aesthetic nurse I could find. It doesn’t take much googling to see Jackie is the best in Scotland. Both times I was welcomed with a smile and as soon as you walk into dermal clinic you know you are in the best hands. I honestly am so delighted with my results and I know this is the place I will be returning to for years to come. Many thanks!

July 2021

Fantastic Experience

Always a fantastic experience. Award winning Jackie is the ultimate professional that can make skin glow! I have been visiting dermal clinic for many years and have never had a negative experience. It’s a much recommended place to family and friends

25th April 2019

Excellent Service

Excellent service from Jackie, perfect balance of friendliness and Jackie made me feel at ease. I am very happy with the results and will definitely top up when it wears off

1st March 2019


Excellent. Thank you – just having this treatment has transformed my face. Excellent all round service. If ‘YOU’ are thinking of any treatment – Jackie can give you expert advice and follow through to give you an excellent result

1st March 2019

Thank You!

Dear All, Just wanted to say thanks to all the staff at dermal clinic without whose help in my weight loss journey I don’t think our little girl would be here. Thanks!

28th January 2019

Great Results

Great experience and great results, my lips look amazing, thank you very much and I will come back, the best doctor, thousands of thanks.

25th August 2018

Highly Recommended

I've been visiting dermal clinic for over 2 years for a variety of treatments with Jacqueline Rankin. I'm very pleased with and impressed by the friendly welcome, treatments and advice given. A very professional clinic as evidenced by the consultations, history taken and awards they've received. Would 100% recommend to others!

14th August 2018

Simply Fantastic

The whole experience was simply fantastic. Jackie and her team made me feel very welcome and premises is beautiful. Jackie talked me whole through the whole process and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. The results are excellent and have enhanced my look in a subtle way to improve my existing features. Thank you for a great treatment Jackie

25th July 2018

First Visit

I attended dermal clinic for the first time today and was so appreciative of the social interactions I received from Katie on Reception and Jackie, the Clinical Director, from whom I also received the utmost professional service. If you are nervous or in doubt about any treatments, this is the place to go

12th July 2018

Warm & Welcoming

Jackie is always very warm and welcoming. I completely trust her professional advice and have always been thrilled with the results

7th July 2018

Quick & Comfortable

I thought the consultation with Jenny was really informative and put me at ease as she answered all of my questions so well. The actual treatment was so quick and very comfortable - I didn’t feel any pain and left very happy

15th June 2018

Fantastic Service

Fantastic Service the staff are very helpful always great welcome so nice to go for treatments to be greeted with welcoming smiley faces everyone can’t do enough for you 100% recommendation from me

9th June 2018

First Class Treatment

I have been attending dermal clinic for a number of months, receiving first class treatment with state of the art equipment. All the staff are very professional and friendly. I have worked with Jen over recent months and must say she is excellent. Her advice and encouragement has incentivised me and I cannot recommend her highly enough

8th May 2018

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