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My cholesterol is now at normal level and the weight loss has helped my back problems immensely. I would whole heartedly recommend Alevere to anyone who wants to safely lose weight and improve their health and lifestyle.

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Lose one stone or more in weight each month with Alevere

At dermalclinic® we provide the Alevere Therapy for weight loss, body contouring and skin tightening.

Alevere enables our clients to lose an average of 1.5 stones per month for men and 1 stone per month for women – without the risks of surgery!

Some people can lose weight even more quickly! Click to enquire about Alevere at dermal clinic edinburgh

  • It doesn't require exercise
  • You'll be eating more often than now
  • You'll have weekly support
  • There's full medical supervision throughout
  • You'll know your personal daily calorie requirement

When we're younger we can often eat as much as we like without it having too much of an effect on us but as we get older we become less active. We spend more time behind a desk and do less exercise each week. Sometimes weight gain can be linked to an event such as childbirth, divorce, bullying or bereavement. Stress can be a trigger for weight gain, especially around the stomach, and, ironically, we often eat more to comfort ourselves.

Exercise has so many benefits that it shouldn't be ignored (and definitely encouraged) but in our busy lifestyles it can sometimes be a struggle to fit in 30 minutes 3 times per week. Being overweight can also damage our joints which can then affect our ability to exercise.

While the mantra of 'move more, eat less' holds true it must be appreciated that what we do eat has changed significantly over the past few decades. Sugar is now a predominant constituent in our diet and, even with exercise, affects our metabolism greatly. The challenge of weight management has never been so difficult, especially as our metabolism slows with age. The number of overweight or obese people in the world is now greater than the entire population of the world in 1927, so there are plenty of us with the same problem!

At dermalclinic® we wanted to provide a weight loss programme for our patients – not a fad diet, or one that's promoted by a celebrity selling a book or video. We wanted an effective way to lose weight rapidly that also addressed the problems of everyday life. We wanted to avoid surgery. We wanted the most effective weight loss therapy available and we eventually found it – The Alevere Therapy.

We can't go back in time and change the trigger of your weight gain or change the choices you've made in the past, but unlike any other weight loss programme that we know of, we can help you to lose weight very quickly whilst being fully medically supervised. And that's what most of us want, isn't it – losing weight quickly? And with a doctor to tell us what to do and how to do it – safely! Alevere Edinburgh and Alevere Aberdeen can achieve astounding weight loss and, due to the accurate body assessments and maintenance programme, it can also be permanent.

The doctor's direction can ensure that your health is optimised throughout and they can provide an accurate target weight and target date. This is a perfect alternative to gastric surgery. Surgery always has risks. The Alevere Therapy also reduces the possibility of loose skin following rapid weight loss thereby avoiding another issue that's typical with bariatric surgery. With the Alevere Therapy we expect a man to lose up to one & a half stones per month, and a woman around one stone per month.

Why Alevere?

Around 1000 people per week undergo the Alevere Therapy at medical clinics across the UK. This is an extremely popular, cost effective and rapid method for losing weight in a safe manner with the reassurance of medical support throughout. Most new patients come from word of mouth referrals as the results speak for themselves!

One of our recent patients, who wishes to remain anonymous, kindly contacted us with this message,

“I have just finished my Alevere programme and have lost 17.6kg (2.8 stone) in 14 weeks putting me in the middle of all the normal ranges for my height and age. I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

“I, like so many others, had tried various diets and plans over the last 6 years to try and lose weight – Diet Chef, low carb, calorie counting, 10 gym sessions a week, 5/2 diet and most recently Slimming World, on which I had lost 1/2 stone and had plateaued. Nothing seemed to be working for me until Alevere.

“I bit the bullet and made an appointment with Dermal Clinic and never looked back.

“After finding out the costs involved, I considered if it was for me but then thought, yes, the plan is expensive but if you are going to invest your money in to anything, why not it be your health? I am so glad I went ahead. I am healthier and happier in my own skin now than I have been for about 15 years.

“Every staff member at Dermal Clinic was fantastic. I felt 100% comfortable and welcomed every at every visit and I looked forward to my sessions every week.

“The treatments themselves took a few weeks to get used to but I actually began to find them very relaxing. Similarly, the food side of things took a while to get my head around but once I had found my flow with it, it gave me a structure that I found very easy to stick to. Once the food cravings went away, it just became life. It is “do or don't” with this diet so having the choice taken away from me was the biggest help I could have had. Unlike other plans where my brain said “ach, just have it and you can be good the rest of the week” (which never worked), there was no cheating, no excuses and therefore consistent weight loss results. I didn't really find social occasions an issue as I just ate before I went and drank mint tea or water. I was very honest with my family and friends and once they understood what I was doing, I got nothing but support and understanding from them. They could see I was losing weight fast and there was no point in hiding it – I wasn't ashamed of what I was doing, and I didn't want them to think I was ill!

“Overall, I am so glad I went ahead with the Alevere programme and would recommend it to anyone who has tried the alternatives and struggled like I did. Thank you to everyone at Dermal Clinic for all the support and guidance through the process.”

Here's what Johnny Bacigalupo, owner of Edinburgh's Napier Bathrooms & Interiors said:

“I had always been overweight but in the last couple of years I reached more than 20 stone. I knew it had gone too far and it was time to do something about it. But I wouldn't have been able to lose the weight without the Alevere Weight Loss Therapy and the help of everyone at Dermal Clinic.

“I started the programme on February 1st 2016 and by April I had already lost four and a half stone.

“I feel absolutely fantastic. It has not only boosted my confidence but dramatically improved my health. My cholesterol levels have dropped from 5.0 to 3.3. I have so much more energy and in general I feel much healthier.

“I honestly can't believe the transformation and how quickly it has happened. People have been so complimentary; I actually get sick of hearing how different I look now.”

Here's some of what David Giles said:

“It took me around ten years to get to the state I was in, but thanks to Dermal Clinic and Alevere, it only took me quarter of a year to get out of it.

“Admitting you have an issue with your weight and that you need help to resolve it is something than many men may find difficult as it can be slightly embarrassing.

“It is made worse as diet programmes, products and advertising are all targeted at women – which just heightens the embarrassment factor.

“However the fantastic thing about Alevere is that the results are noticeable instantly. You literally see the pounds falling off and this motivates you to keep going with the process as you know what you are doing is 100% worth it.”

You can watch David's full testimonial on this video.

Here's what Teresa said:

“In April of this year, I was hardly able to walk due to severe pain in the back, and my cholesterol was very high. I was facing the possibility of spinal surgery and taking statins indefinitely so I decided that I would need to lose some weight.

“I came to Alevere because I knew I would be under medical supervision as this was important to me given my back problems. I never expected to lose the amount of weight I did over such a short space of time. The staff were all amazing and supportive, the programme easy to follow, the food enjoyable and the results speak for themselves.

“My cholesterol is now at normal level and the weight loss has helped my back problems immensely. I would whole heartedly recommend Alevere to anyone who wants to safely lose weight and improve their health and lifestyle.”

Metabolism and the NHS

The NHS has identified excessive weight as a ticking time bomb for the health of the nation and a major financial problem in the future. Initiatives have been put in place to address the issue encouraging an increase in exercise and healthier eating and an increase in the number of weight related television programmes. However, the NHS & press only quote the averagedaily calorie requirements commonly quoting 2000 per day, whereas we find most of our patients have much lower needs at around 1700 or fewer. No wonder people put weight on if they've never had their metabolic rate measured! With Alevere Therapy we measure your resting metabolic rate at the start and, more importantly, at the end where we identify your daily metabolic calorie requirement so you will know exactly how many calories you need each day to maintain your target weight, and your body will have been re-educated about the food requirements it needs. This all goes towards ensuring success in maintaining your ideal weight. For 2 years we looked for a suitable weight loss programme that would meet our medical standards and be suitable for our patients. We've finally found Alevere and it should be the last weight loss programme anyone should ever need.

What is the Alevere Therapy?

It comprises several elements to maintain a high metabolism and provide such successful results.

Alevere and IVF

The NHS in Scotland has recently announced (May 2013) that unless they improve their lifestyles, people who are obese, smokers and drinkers will be denied access to IVF.

The strict new guidelines are intended to make access to the fertility treatment fairer across the whole country. At present there are wide variations in waiting times and criteria across the different Health Boards. Fears of postcode lotteries determining access to services has led to concerns being raised, resulting in the new guidelines being announced by the public health minister, Michael Mathieson.

The new criteria state that women under the age of 40 can have 2 cycles of IVF funded by the NHS but must not be obese, neither partner must be a smoker and mustn't drink before or during treatment.

Women must have a BMI (body mass index) of below 30 and above 18.5 before they will be referred for IVF treatment. An ideal BMI is between 21 and 22 and is calculated using a ratio between weight and height. IVF has a higher chance of failure in obese women who also have higher risks to mother and child whilst pregnant.

Alevere Edinburgh by dermalclinic® is a rapid weight loss therapy that is fully medically controlled throughout. We are able to calculate your current and target BMI together with your date for achievement. As BMI is related to height and weight we can identify your target weight and BMI and the length of time it should take to reach it. Many women find that this provides a perfect way to be in control and to be able to work with their GP leading to a successful referral. In some cases, following the extensive weight loss, some women have even conceived naturally as their diet, well-being and self-confidence has improved considerably. Alevere provides an effective and rapid weight loss solution without any of the risks or costs of bariatric surgery.

After Alevere

There are very few Alevere clinics and demand is high as it's the only programme which provides such rapid weight loss with full medical support throughout. It really can transform your life so take the first step to join the other 1000 plus men and women on Alevere Therapy every week and call us on 0131 447 2642, or email

price list

Everybody is different and has a different target weight. Following a consultation we will be able to provide a specific price.

Many choose a Pay As You Go pricing structure for the Alevere Therapy so that it fits in with your normal shopping and purchasing routines. As everyone has a different amount of weight to lose, and every individual loses it at their own rate, it also follows that everyone will pay a different amount for the whole programme. By paying weekly this helps you to only pay for the nutrition and treatments that you require. It's also important to remember that the price of the Alevere nutrition needs to be deducted from some of your regular weekly food shop as we'll be providing some of your daily food intake instead.

Further information on pricing can be emailed out to you by enquiring here.

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