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About Us

November 2017 – a milestone in the life of dermalclinic.

Apparently, statistics show that only around 20% of businesses make it to 5 years and shockingly, only around 4% reach the age of 10!

dermalclinic is certainly very much different today than when Jackie first founded the company back in 2007. From simple ambitions of helping people look and feel better whilst being her own boss, dermalclinic is now one of the most established and popular aesthetic clinics in Scotland providing a vast array of treatments. Reassuringly, the objectives of helping people look and feel better are still core ambitions but have developed further with providing education and upholding the highest standards of clinical regulation.

66. ‘Fantastic clinic. Professional and safe . This is THE only clinic in Scotland I would even think of going to. In fact I travel from Norway to come here . That’s how high I recommend dermalclinic® in Edinburgh’
Matthew via What Clinic.

Time and time again we’ve received enquiries from people looking to improve their health, their looks and consequently their self-esteem.

We understand that many people know they want to make a change but aren’t always too sure about how to go about it or where to go. Some people know exactly what they want. Either way we have aligned our service to adapt to the individual and provide education and best advice – we believe that a better-informed client can make better choices. And we’ve always been honest – if we don’t think having treatment is in your best interest, we’ll tell you – we’ve found people really appreciate this.

  1. ”Went absolutely brilliant. What I like was that Jackie was very down to earth and what I liked most was Her honesty and professionalism. I took my mum along for the same treatment (Botox), and because of her age, Jackie spoke to my mum and advised against. She could have gone ahead and done this treatment, but she didn’t. My mother was advised on another treatment which she is absolutely delighted with and I’m also totally delighted, and I will definitely be going back – so will my mother”

Back in 2007 Jackie Partridge set out each day travelling to as many locations as possible across the east of Scotland. Her skills soon spread by word of mouth and before long she was covering over 60 locations.

With so much time spent travelling between clients Jackie employed her first part time receptionist, but it became clear that a permanent base would be required and so, in 2011, the huge step was made of renting a former kitchen furniture shop in Church Hill Place Morningside, Edinburgh. An extensive refurbishment was completed, and investment made into complementary treatments and skin care products. A therapist was added to the team and Jackie’s husband, Jarrod quit his job as a medical National Sales Manager and joined the company.

Following rapid growth from the core services of wrinkle treatments, Soprano laser hair removal and massage dermalclinic then introduced a unique medically supported weight loss programme to Edinburgh. Alevere is incredibly popular as it really delivers rapid weight loss and skin tightening in a safe environment without surgery – a perfect solution for those who were previously considering gastric surgery.

By 2013 dermalclinic needed to expand further and purchased the larger neighbouring property at 21-23 Church Hill Place where they remain. Although the property is modest in appearance from the outside, internally the clinic is the largest private unit in the area and, as far as we know, is the largest clinic in east Scotland.

  1. “You were right! It wasn’t my lips that needed attention it was my cheeks! Thank you for making such a huge difference to the way I feel about myself. I will be forever grateful.” G R, Stirling

Along the way we’ve won many industry awards and have featured in Tatler magazine, Jackie’s appeared on Sky, STV, BBC radio and we’ve regularly featured in local and national newspapers and magazines. Jackie’s skills are in high demand as she now regularly teaches doctors, dentists and nurses both nationally and internationally.

We’ve also worked hard to educate the media about the positive aspects of aesthetic services and to encourage people to seek out skilled practitioners rather than ‘bargains’. dermalclinic was the first clinic in Scotland to register with SaveFace and the Scottish government’s Health Improvement Scotland providing prospective clients with a list of government approved clinics supporting patient safety.

To coincide with our 10th Anniversary dermalclinic has launched a flagship range of skin care products – BIOCEUTRICS.

We’ve also expanded our treatments even further and employ several aestheticians, two receptionists and a Clinic Manager. We use the services of a Consultant Dermatologist, a Plastic Surgeon, a Vascular Consultant, a psychologist and two doctors. You can meet the team here.

All are experts in their field – providing best advice and expert solutions.

Contact us to book a free consultation or a surgical consultation on 0131 447 2642 or email info@dermalclinic.co.uk

40. ‘It’s lovely to come somewhere, that doesn’t try to ‘sell you treatments’. I love your honesty, Thank you Jackie’ TD