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Wrinkle reduction treatments are probably the better known aesthetic treatment due to media coverage, and its prevalence.

There are a number of products that can be used for this treatment, to reduce facial lines, and more. We only use products that have been FDA approved, to ensure your treatment is safe and will provide you with the best results.

How It Works

This type of treatment works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle preventing a normal muscle contraction from taking place.

If the muscle cannot move, it cannot contribute to the creation of dynamic lines on the face. These are lines that are only visible when a facial expression is made such as, smiling or frowning. Over time the constant movement of the dynamic lines together with collagen breakdown can cause deeper and more visible lines that don’t disappear after relaxing the facial expression e.g. nose to mouth lines.

Deeper lines may require a dermal treatment or a combination of both the wrinkle reduction treatment and the dermal treatment. Having a consultation will allow us to determine the most appropriate treatment for your concerns.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Before Photo Wrinkle Reduction Treatment After Photo
Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Before Photo Wrinkle Reduction Treatment After Photo
Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Before Photo Wrinkle Reduction Treatment After Photo

Treatment Uses

This treatment can also be used to reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), teeth grinding (bruxism), wide jaw, gummy smile, migraines, large calves, and is used in hospitals for such as, bladder control, and to reduce spasticity in muscles particularly for sufferers of cerebral palsy.

Small amounts of the treatment are used in relevant areas that are identified to give the results you require. People often describe them as much more painless than they'd expected. Some swelling will be evident for a few minutes, but soon subsides. And in some cases, there may be some bruising which will disappear after a couple of days, and can be easily covered with a little makeup.

The effects of having this treatment can take up to 2 weeks to become evident and, as everyone has muscles of different strength, it may be necessary for a quick top-up which dermalclinic® provides free of charge.

This treatment is a medical procedure and must be carried out by a qualified prescribing medical practitioner in a clinical environment; otherwise the practitioner will not be insured.

At dermalclinic®, we are famous for our treatment in Edinburgh, and receive most of our patients through recommendations/referrals.

We have produced the following useful guides to help you to make an informed decision about your potential treatment:

Cheap Treatments

We are seeing an increase in the number of patients who have fallen victim of a cheap treatment scam and, whilst we all like to grab a good deal and like to see our money go a little bit further, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to these types of treatments.

For these treatments to be effective, they require a certain dosage. There are a number of unscrupulous practitioners who will offer a very cheap treatment, but will then provide such a low dosage (possibly mixed with a high volume of saline), that you will require several top ups for it to be effective for the recommended time period. Therefore, you actually end up paying more overall, and more than likely be disappointed with the results and in the treatment in general.

How can you avoid similar scams?

If you plan to have this type of treatment, make sure you are well-informed and cautious. Use common sense, and if something sounds too good to be true, then it very likely is.

At dermalclinic®, we always work in an ethical manner and will continue to help people who have previously used these bad practice services. We always aim to provide the sufficient levels for treatments in the first place however, everyone is different and therefore sometimes top-ups may be required, which we always provide free of charge.

Guide to Choosing Where to Get Treated

  1. Medically Qualified Practitioner - Always ensure it is a qualified nurse, dentist, or doctor carrying out the treatment. If a nurse, they need to be a prescribing nurse unless they provide a face-to-face consultation with a prescriber at the same location. This kind of treatment needs a prescription as it is a pharmaceutical product and so, beauticians must not be using it, and won’t be insured.
  2. Experience - Treatment by a doctor may sound preferable, but not if they only carry out this treatment once a month. Some practitioners attend European Masterclasses, and some teach other practitioners - all good signs of experience.
  3. Avoid Big Discounts - Cases have been reported of cheap treatments, but with insufficient product being administered, resulting in the need for more frequent revisits. Some have even been reported to only be using saline, with no product at all. Don't be tempted by cheap treatments; you get what you pay for.
  4. Avoid treatment 'parties' - If incentives are offered for group treatment, this is illegal. Bulk purchase, the possible consumption of alcohol, distraction during medical consultations, and peer pressure all point towards either breach of MHRA legislation or increased risk, but particularly a disregard for best practice in a clinical setting.
  5. Aftercare - Ensure your chosen practitioner is available for follow-up service and advice.
  6. Recommendations by Friends - Probably one of the best indications of good service, but ensure the other points above and below still apply!
  7. Evidence of Training - Ask to see evidence that they’ve been trained in the product they will be using. Having received Advanced Training will provide extra reassurance and skills to achieve your desired outcome.
  8. Local and Permanent - If you need a top-up, have a question, or want face-to-face reassurance then visiting a practitioner from 200 miles away won’t be easily accessible, and nor will a temporary member of staff.
  9. Relationship - Choose someone you feel comfortable with and get along with. It’s important you feel relaxed enough to ask questions, and for your treatments; and are comfortable with the person carrying them out.

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