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Skin Peels

Skin Peel Treatments at dermalclinic® Edinburgh

Skin Peels


There are thousands of skin conditions and most are responsive to treatment. The most common conditions that we are presented with are acne, hyperpigmentation due to excessive sun, fine lines, and tired looking skin.

At dermalclinic® all of these can be treated with a skin peel and/or a combination of a peel and another treatment such Genuine DermaRoller or Microdermabrasion. You will be advised on the most suitable treatment for your concerns at a consultation.


Laser Skin Peel – £250

This peel uses Laser to target sun damage and removes surface layers of old damaged skin. A patch test two weeks prior to treatment is required. This peel uses the Nd Yag Laser to target sun damage and removes surface layers of old damaged skin. The use of this laser skin peel is very effective at reducing skin congestion such as milia. You will experience a ‘cracking sound’ as the laser works over the skin. Your skin will appear red after the treatment, but by the next day this will have reduced. Dry skin with some peeling should be expected and this usually lasts about 4-5 days. For patients having ‘sun spots’ or ‘liver spots’ removed from the back of their hands, the treated area will appear darker for about a 7-10 days and then fade away. Total clearance of these spots could take up to 4 sessions, but most disappear after just 1 treatment. A patch test two weeks prior to treatment is required (£25). You can read more about Laser skin treatments by clicking here.

Deep Skin Peel – £350

Suitable for those looking for a more extreme peel, which will affect deeper layers of the skin. This is the strongest skin peel and you should expect peeling for a few days after your treatment. Out with the old and in with the new!

Patients who are using Vitamin A acid should not have this peel. Not to be used during pregnancy and sun exposure should be avoided for at least one month after treatment and even then use a high SPF. Do not wear perfume before or after the treatment.

Cool Peel – £95

For those who want good results without instant effects, the Cool Peel could be the ideal solution. Using lactic acid to remove the excess cells from the skin’s horny layer, this peel has an exfoliating effect and can be repeated even daily over a 6 week period if required. There is no downtime and no shedding so you can get excellent results without considering how you’ll look afterwards. A major advantage is that this peel acts as a sanitiser for your skin and reduces the chance of acne breakouts. The skin takes on a radiant and hydrated appearance.

G&T Brighten Peel – course of 6 – £450

The G&T Brighten Peels are offered in a course of in-clinic peels, which typically increase in intensity, with a home use programme to help prepare your skin and enhance the results. Each in-clinic peel takes around 20 minutes to complete and you’re able to return to your daily routine with little to no downtime. In the following days your skin will feel dryer and begin to exfoliate, getting rid of the old skin cells to reveal fresh, soft skin.

The home-use programme contains a home-use G&T Peel Gel to help prepare the skin and enhance the results of the in-clinic peels, and also the clinically proven NeoRetin products which brighten the skin and manage the risk of pigmentation.


G&T Peel at dermal clinci edinburgh


Laser Skin Peel (Resurfacing) – £250 or £1250 for course of 6

Deep Skin Peel – £350

Cool Peel – £100 or £500 for course of 6

G&T Brighten Peel – course of 6 – £450 including home care

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