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How do we define beauty? This is the age old question that is constantly evolving and changing.

Beauty standards are culturally influenced; however a beautiful face is beautiful regardless of cultural variances. Beutification, maintenance and enhancement of the facial features has long been of interest to both men and women throughout history. Beauty fads can even be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Back in 270 BC the Greeks focused on symmetry and the importance of facial harmony. Fast forward thousands of years to 1960s England and it is a different story. During this period the UK preferred big lips with bigger eyes, made famous by none other than supermodel Twiggy.

Today women base their ideals on images which have been reinforced by the media, with culprits such as reality stars promoting the latest look.

However it seems that society is now moving away from going under the knife, with a recent study by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) publishing statistics showing a 40% drop in cosmetic surgery procedures.

This number may not come as such a shock to some as the last few years have seen a surge in female empowerment both online and off. This can only be a positive when it comes to the cosmetic industry and individuals distancing themselves from drastic or dangerous treatments.

Gone are the days of women lusting over oversized assets, with more natural results now sought after. Treatments that complement and enhance their features, instead of change them entirely, are becoming a regular occurrence on clinic procedure lists.

Through this rise, non-surgical procedures have increased steadily, with facial injection becoming one of the most popular treatments. Lips fillers are a prime examples of this.

Many women (and men) use dermal lip fillers to revive dehydrated areas surrounding the mouth and add a touch of natural volume to the lips.

At Dermal Clinic, we believe have a ‘look better, feel better’ motto. Clients should be able to feel comfortable in their skin while having something to smile about.

By undergoing a dermal filler treatment by a medically-qualified member of staff, clients are able to enjoy results for up to nine months.

Forget the dates and the trends, natural looking lips are timeless.

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what our clients say

Fantastic Experience

Always a fantastic experience. Award winning Jackie is the ultimate professional that can make skin glow! I have been visiting Dermal clinic for many years and have never had a negative experience. It’s a much recommended place to family and friends

25th April 2019

Excellent Service

Excellent service from Jackie, perfect balance of friendliness and Jackie made me feel at ease. I am very happy with the results and will definitely top up when it wears off

1st March 2019


Excellent. Thank you – just having this treatment has transformed my face. Excellent all round service. If ‘YOU’ are thinking of any treatment – Jackie can give you expert advice and follow through to give you an excellent result

1st March 2019

Thank You!

Dear All, Just wanted to say thanks to all the staff at Dermal Clinic without whose help in my weight loss journey I don’t think our little girl would be here. Thanks!

28th January 2019

Great Results

Great experience and great results, my lips look amazing, thank you very much and I will come back, the best doctor, thousands of thanks’

25th August 2018

Highly Recommended

I've been visiting Dermalclinic for over 2 years for a variety of treatments with Jacqueline Rankin. I'm very pleased with and impressed by the friendly welcome, treatments and advice given. A very professional clinic as evidenced by the consultations, history taken and awards they've received. Would 100% recommend to others!

14th August 2018

Simply Fantastic

The whole experience was simply fantastic. Jackie and her team made me feel very welcome and premises is beautiful. Jackie talked me whole through the whole process and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. The results are excellent and have enhanced my look in a subtle way to improve my existing features. Thank you for a great treatment Jackie

25th July 2018

First Visit

I attended Dermal Clinic for the first time today and was so appreciative of the social interactions I received from Katie on Reception and Jackie, the Clinical Director, from whom I also received the utmost professional service. If you are nervous or in doubt about any treatments, this is the place to go

12th July 2018

Warm & Welcoming

Jackie is always very warm and welcoming. I completely trust her professional advice and have always been thrilled with the results

7th July 2018

Quick & Comfortable

I thought the consultation with Jenny was really informative and put me at ease as she answered all of my questions so well. The actual treatment was so quick and very comfortable - I didn’t feel any pain and left very happy

15th June 2018

Fantastic Service

Fantastic Service the staff are very helpful always great welcome so nice to go for treatments to be greeted with welcoming smiley faces everyone can’t do enough for you 100% recommendation from me

9th June 2018

First Class Treatment

I have been attending Dermalclinic for a number of months, receiving first class treatment with state of the art equipment. All the staff are very professional and friendly. I have worked with Jen over recent months and must say she is excellent. Her advice and encouragement has incentivised me and I cannot recommend her highly enough

8th May 2018

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