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Understanding the Lower Face

Lips come in all different shapes and sizes. From big and bold to thin and fabulous, natural lips are beautiful.

However, sometimes lips need a little TLC. Tired, deflated lips could benefit from a boost and it’s not always in the areas that you would expect.

After all, understanding the lower face is crucial for achieving harmonious proportions.

Read Between the Lines

One of the most common consultations clients book in for at Dermal Clinic is that of the lower face. These tend to focus on the Marionettes and the Nasolabial Fold as well as treatments in and around the lips.

Marionettes – ‘Sad’ lines which run from the corner of the mouth down to the chin. The name derives from Marionette puppets, which feature vertical lines that run down the lower face in the same fashion.

Nasolabial fold – Known as ‘laughter’ or ‘smile’ lines. These two skin folds run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

To freshen up areas that have become worn down by age or stress, a dermal filler treatment could be the pick-me-up your lips need, smoothing out problematic areas

Getting Lippy

Although lines and wrinkles are at the top of the checklist, thinning and gummy smiles are also an area of concern.

Over time, we can begin to lose volume in our upper lip which can lead to thinning. This can be genetic, but can also be accelerated through lifestyle habits such as smoking and sun damage.

Perioral – This is the white lip around the mouth. Perioral lines can be deep and static or slight and dynamic.

When treating the perioral area, it is important that we don’t lose symmetry. The top lip to bottom lip should be a 1:1:6 – the Golden Ratio for aesthetically pleasing and naturally beautiful results.

By ensuring only a medically qualified practitioner is providing your treatment, the outcome should be fuss-free and keep any potential risks to a minimum.

The Age Game

From anatomical changes which cause volume loss to a decrease in bone density which affects structural support, ageing is a key contributor when it comes to changes to the lower face.

Ever wondered why our skin becomes slightly ‘saggy’ over time? There are several fat pads in mid-face which are held in place by retaining ligaments. These become elongated and more lax as we age. In a nutshell, gravity is pulling everything down.

By supporting the mid-face, the lower face can be lifted and volume can be restored.

But despite the urge to smooth out every wrinkle and crease, we should not fixate. While some areas can be boosted to enhance your look and confidence, others can be left to age gracefully.

Natural results are what we strive for at Dermal Clinic, and there is nothing more beautiful than signs of a life well lived.

Refresh and Restore

However, sometimes we do need a little helping hand to get naturally glowing results.

At Dermal Clinic we use dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid – an organic product that can already be found in the body. These fillers hydrate the skin, quenching its thirst and leaving it supple and glowing.

Need advice on an area of the lower face? Our experienced, medically qualified staff are on hand to examine the area of concern to provide treatments bespoke to your individual needs.

Achieving subtle and elegant treatments to restore and refresh your skin and lips couldn’t be easier.

Look better feel better at Dermal Clinic.

Get in touch today and book a consultation by calling 0131 447 2642 or by emailing us at info@dermalclinic.co.uk.

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