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Obagi Skin Care Systems at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.


The Obagi skin care systems are only available to medical practitioners and are designed to repair skin damage. The most common conditions that we see are acne and hyperpigmentation and we use the Obagi systems which achieve excellent results. A big benefit of the Obagi systems is that, following the initial consultation and start of the treatment, the patient can continue the treatment at home. Below you can read about Obagi NuDerm for various skin conditions. You can also click on the relevant highlighted links to read more about particular conditions.


Throughout our lives we all experience occasional sunburns, regular sun exposure, hormonal changes, stress and environmental pollution. All these factors contribute to the signs of premature aging. The Nu-Derm System has been formulated to improve the signs of aging at a cellular level.

What will be achieved using Obagi Nu-Derm?

Cellular turnover is increased providing new cells at the skin surface providing an even refreshed skin tone and texture.

The stratum corneum (uppermost surface of the skin) receives essential hydration which gives the skin a plumped appearance.

Keratinocytes are repaired and epidermal cells become more uniform. This improves the skin’s structure.

Melanocytes (which are what cause brown/age spots) are regulated and skin colouration appears more even. This reduces Hyperpigmentation/Brown spots.

Collagen formation is boosted resulting in skin with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Obagi Nu-Derm starter sets are available as a prescription for either Normal/Oily skin or Normal/Dry skin. The starter kits are a very popular way to get going with the system as everything you will need is nicely boxed up for you.

Are you committed enough to use Obagi Nu-Derm?

This prescription skin care needs compliance and willpower…….but the results are amazing!

The system involves an eight step regime that needs to be used morning and night. Patients should expect some dryness/flaking of the skin. Some patients refer to it as facial dandruff! The amount of dryness/flaking can be customised to meet your individual needs, however the more intense the side effects, the faster the results will appear….so it’s up to you!

As you proceed through the Obagi Nu-Derm journey, we will invite you into the clinic for regular skin reviews. At these reviews your customised skin care regime will be tailored and tweaked to your individual needs.

The starter set will last approximately 6-8 weeks and you can then just purchase individual products directly at dermalclinic® following a full medical consultation.


Starting from £130

If you wish to discuss your skin please call us to book a consultation on: 0131 447 2642, or email: info@dermalclinic.co.uk

Starting from £130

Contact us to book a free consultation or a surgical consultation on 0131 447 2642 or e-mail info@dermalclinic.co.uk