Exilis Treatments

Exilis Treatments at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.


Whether it’s love handles, jowels, arms, face or thighs that’s bothering you there is now a solution without the risks of surgery!

The Exilis platform allows us to treat any area from head to toe!

Using the world’s most advanced technology high energy radiofrequency the skin is tightened, fat cells reduced and new collagen produced giving a tighter and smoother result – all without any pain.

The Exilis is FDA approved in the US achieved with the results of independent studies to demonstrate its effectiveness.


“Best Skin Tightening” device at the Aesthetics Awards

“Best Body Shaping” device award at the Woman’s Choice Awards


If you’re looking for a solution to treat the skin around your eyes, jowels, neck, back, abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, decollete, bra roll, hands, calves, knees – in fact any part of your body, then contact us for a consultation!

0131 447 2642 or email info@dermalclinic.co.uk.


Upper Face

Includes Radiofrequency to Forehead, Eyes and Cheeks


£400 or 4 for £1400

Lower Face

Includes Radiofrequency to lower cheeks, and jawline


£400 or 4 for £1400

Neck only £400 or 4 for £1400
Neck and Jaw Line £500 or 4 for £1750
Total Face and Neck

Radiofrequency to Neck, Jaw lines, lower face, cheeks, eyes and forehead


£650 or 4 for £2300

Cellulite Package Including 1 x bodysuit

4 x LPG (Endermology)

4 x Radiofrequency

Bespoke Body Treatments with Radiofrequency
1 Area

2 Areas

4 Areas

8 Areas

12 Areas






Hands Treatment with Radiofrequency £100

If you wish to discuss further please call us to book a consultation on: 0131 447 2642, or email: info@dermalclinic.co.uk

Starting from


Starting from


Contact us to book a free consultation or a surgical consultation on 0131 447 2642 or e-mail info@dermalclinic.co.uk