Red Skin Treatments at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.


Many patients develop a high facial colour or redness, especially in the cheek area, but can also be affected on the nose, chin and forehead. This is sometimes due to an increased level of small broken capillaries at the skin surface and in some patients Acne Rosacea is the cause.


Red CheeksThese capillaries can become quite unsightly and difficult to hide under makeup. The most suitable treatment option is diathermy. Diathermy treatment involves the skin being covered with anaesthetic cream to make the treatment comfortable and then a tiny probe cauterises the capillaries with heat. This destroys the capillary. A few treatments will be required to treat larger areas. Patients should expect some redness following treatment and some small scabs can form, which will drop off a few days post treatment.


This revolutionary scanner will scan the face and a detailed outcome will be provided to each patient within dermalclinic®. This provides both the patient and the practitioner with information as to what is actually happening deep within the upper layer of skin. Conditions identified will include sun damage, rosacea, bacterial load on the skin, skin texture, wrinkles, pore size and vascular irregularities. The Visia scan will also benchmark your results against others in the population of your same age and gender.


  • Visia Scan is free of charge to dermalclinic® patients
  • Diathermy £180 for a 30 minute session

All patients should first attend a consultation with Dr. Andrew MacKenzie (Consultant Dermatologist).

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