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Facial Deterioration – As you’ve grown older you may have noticed that your eyes may seem a little more sunken, your cheeks no longer have their plumpness, lines have appeared on your forehead, around your eyes, and from your nose to the sides of your mouth. Your eyelids may have started to droop a little and your pores have increased in size. Your skin is no longer fresh, even-toned, and taut around your jaw and jowls have appeared even if you regularly exercise and control your weight.

Some people experience significant volume loss in their face which can have a dramatic appearance of old age. Gravity can be our enemy as the volumising supporting structures deplete and move south.


Face Volume LossThere are various treatments which can address the symptoms. You can take a look at our other page Look Older Than Should Do where you can read a little more about the features of ageing and find links to appropriate treatments and images.


Starting from £350

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Starting from


Starting from £350

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