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Square Jaw

Square or Wide Jaw Treatment at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.

The muscles responsible for causing a square jaw are known as Masseter muscles. A square jaw is a distinctly masculine look and very desirable for most male patients. However, for female patients a more oval face shape gives a more graceful and feminine appearance.

Some patients develop a square jaw as a result of clenching or grinding their teeth, especially when they feel anxious or when experiencing stressful situations.
This jaw clenching not only develops the Masseter muscle, but it can leave patients suffering from an aching jaw, headache, as well as having a negative effect on their teeth.

What Treatments are Available?

The treatment for this condition is done by expertly placing Botulinum Toxin Type A injections. There is unlikely to be any bruising as a result of this treatment and in two weeks or less from the date of treatment, patients can enjoy their new face shape or pain free lifestyle.

Results typically last three months.


Starting from £270
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