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Smoker's Lines

Smoker’s Lines Treatments at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.

Facial Smokers’ Lines or Lines Around the Mouth

Although commonly referred to as Smokers’ Lines these facial lines are not necessarily an indication that someone is a smoker.
It’s a common term used to describe the lines around the mouth which are exacerbated by the actions most commonly performed by smokers. However, anyone who shapes their mouth into a pout will experience the same effect. The key to the severity of the lines is proportional to the frequency and number of times the shape is made during a lifetime.

The same rules apply to these lines as those expressions causing wrinkles and frown lines. Repetitive forced creasing of the skin leads to a breakdown in the supporting collagen structure of the skin resulting in a line. Being a smoker in itself doesn’t help as oxidants can deteriorate the quality of the skin and its ability to repair. A common side effect we hear is the struggle to apply lipstick with a neat and accurate line.

What Treatments are Available?

The lines can be alleviated using advanced botulinum toxin injection treatment and/or dermal fillers. This can be a straightforward procedure and make a significant improvement to the appearance and well-being of the patient in a short space of time.

A very fine dermal filler called Restylane Vital acts as a support to the delicate skin in the area around the mouth. Results from this treatment will last for approximately 6 months.


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