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Skin Tags

Skin Tags Removal at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.

Skin tags, or cutaneous papilloma, are benign growths which appear as small and fleshy protrusions from the skin. They often occur during and after middle age and can range from 1mm to 5mm in size. Most commonly found in fold areas of the body such as armpits, the neck and the groin, they can sometimes also be found on eyelids and near the eye.

Despite being so small they can be very annoying as they can get caught in necklaces, other jewellery and clothes, but aren’t harmful. They can be particularly unwelcome if they are situated on the face, and especially on the upper eyelids where they can be felt every time you blink. Unfortunately they can’t yet be prevented from forming and their cause isn’t known. However, the good news is that they can be removed and our Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Andrew MacKenzie will be able to identify and undertake the most appropriate method of removal.

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