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Scar Treatment

Scar Treatments at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.

Scars, Pock Marks, Stretchmarks

Scars occur as part of the healing process and are a visible evidence of a trauma to the skin. Scars can be caused by accident, by surgery, or as a consequence of a skin condition.

As acne is a condition that affects many of us, and some people suffer with it as a chronic condition for several years, it follows that one of the consequences is acne scarring. The scars can sometimes be quite deep and result in an uneven texture to the skin and are sometimes known as pock marks.

Stretch marks form during rapid growth spurts where the elasticity of the skin cannot accommodate the expansion. They commonly occur during puberty, pregnancy, rapid muscle growth, or obesity.

What Treatments are Available?

An effective treatment for the scarring that results from conditions is the Genuine Dermaroller microneedle treatment. This is a small sterile roller device with tiny needles made from medical grade steel that creates tiny punctures in the skin. Although it may sound counter-productive the needles are actually creating tiny wounds which the body then heals. As the needles are so small they do not result in making their own visible scars, but encourage the collagen below the skin to repair the punctures resulting in an increase in the volume of the scars. With acne scarring, for example, this helps to reduce the depth of the scar and to even out the texture of the area.

Depending on the severity of the scarring a course of DermaRoller treatment would be recommended with treatments several weeks apart.

Alternative treatments can include laser rejuvenation which uses a specially crafted beam of thermal energy that gets to work deep into the layers of your skin. The use of this high energy laser allows your skin to naturally repair and reform, encouraging healthy new skin to grow for a more even complexion. The versatile nature of laser treatment means that our experts can target your specific problem areas such as the cheeks, or treat larger areas such as the whole face.

Typically the treatment will reduce the skins age by 2 years per session hence 5 sessions can give up to a visual reduction of 10 years in the skins texture and tone. Normally around 5 treatments are required at 2 to 4 weekly intervals.

Results are accumulative; however, with no down-time or after effects, a customer may wish to have a one off treatment to freshen their skin for an important event. One whole face can be treated in 30 minutes. Periodic refreshers may be required 6 months after the initial course.


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