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Popply Chin

Popply (orange peel) Chin Treatments dermalclinic® Edinburgh.

Popply or Dimply Chin

What on earth do we mean by popply/dimply chin?

Have you noticed that the muscle in you chin appears tighter than it used to? Does the skin have a bobbly/dimpled/orange peel appearance? If so, this is due to an overactive mentalis muscle. This muscle sits in the chin area and in some people it can become over-developed as they naturally contract that muscle more than others when chewing/closing their mouths.

What Treatments are Available?

With expert precision, Botulinum Toxin Type A such as Botox (R) or Azzalure can be used to relax the affected muscles and give the skin in that area a smoother appearance.

Results will last approximately three months.


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