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Nose Treatments

Misshaped Nose Treatments dermalclinic® Edinburgh.

Misshaped, Misshapen, Wrongly-Shaped Nose

The shape of our nose is determined by gender, race, genetics and activity and whilst many people live with whatever shape their nose is without a second thought, for some people their nose can become a significant concern.

Few people wish to stand out with a feature that is larger than the average unless society sees it as more attractive. Larger eyes, longer eyelashes, and lips are deemed attractive as they are associated with youthful features. Larger noses are seen as attractive in some Asian countries such as South Korea.

In fact at dermalclinic® we have many patients of Oriental origin undergoing treatment to increase the bridge of their nose.

However, most Western populations wish to reduce their nose shape or, more commonly, alter the shape if they feel there is an obvious deformity. Whether your nose has a lump, is off-set, has a dint, or needs enlarging we can most probably help at a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery with our non-surgical nose job. As we use dermal fillers the results aren’t permanent so you don’t have to worry about non-reversible surgery and the infection risk present with any surgical intervention. A free consultation with us can establish your concern and allow us to provide best advice for you.

What Treatments are Available?

If you want to reduce the size of your nose, or do wish to have a permanent alteration then plastic surgery is the only answer and we can book you in for a consultation with plastic surgeon, Mr Ken Stewart at our clinic. Mr Stewart’s consultation fee is £120.

Whether you have the non-surgical nose alteration, or the surgical procedure, you are soon on the road to removing any concerns that you once had regarding your nose!


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