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Looking Older

If you look older than you should visit dermalclinic® in Edinburgh.

Premature Ageing

Time takes it’s toll on our bodies and we do our best to minimise the effects.

There are key features of our faces that change as we age and we therefore know what reflects a youthful appearance, and conversely an older appearance.

Younger people have a smoother and brighter skin tone, plumper skin, fuller lips, larger eyes, darker and longer eyelashes and the dimensions of the face are significantly different to that of an older person when viewed by an expert.

Whilst we all know someone who may be referred to as looking young for their age and treated with envy and esteem, we usually also know someone who looks old beyond their years and who isn’t treated or discussed in quite the same glowing terms. If you feel you are such a person you may typically feel as though you aren’t as glamorous as your friends or work colleagues.

We often have patients who come to us who have concerns that they feel they aren’t as flamboyant or outgoing as they used to be as they feel they aren’t as beautiful as they used to be. They tell us that they seem to have aged in a relatively short space of time and that their old face doesn’t match their youthful mentality.

What Treatments are Available?

We offer a range of treatments at dermalclinic® to help regain your confidence and youthful looks. This can be done in a subtle way and patients often tell us that their friends and family look at them with a tilted head and raise a quizzical eyebrow and say such things as ‘You’re looking really good! There’s something different but I can’t put my finger on it!’ and ‘I want some of what you’re having!’

Treatments are available to suit all budgets whether it be a relaxing and refreshing facial, LashClinic, injection treatments using Botulinum Toxin and/or dermal fillers, or volumisation.


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