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Lashes - Short/Sparse/Thin

Short, Sparse, Thin, Weak Eye Lash Treatments at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.

Poor Eyelashes – Hypotrichosis

One of the signs of a youthful face is long eyelashes. As we age our lashes naturally become weaker with a reduction in length, thickness, density and colour.
Some people unfortunately suffer with these symptoms ahead of their time. This can be due to genetics, or due to trauma to the eyelashes often caused by overuse of false lashes, or their incorrect removal. The medical term for this is hypotrichosis but it can be treated at dermalclinic® with LashClinic.

Why Eyelashes are Important to us?

Thin LashesAlthough our lashes provide an important early protection tool against foreign objects that may be trying to enter the eye, in modern society we also associate them with beauty due to the fact that younger faces have better lashes than older people.

One of the first things we do when we communicate face to face is to look at each other’s eyes. Eyes display how we’re feeling about the other person. When used to flirt they can have an amazing effect. When we’re young our eyes form a larger proportion of our face & so an entire industry has developed to help us make our eyes appear as large as possible as we grow older.

With effective make up, mascara, lash curlers, & false lashes there are plenty of options for helping us draw attention to our eyes. Of course, the problem is the cost, the time involved, & the damage that can be caused by wearing false eyelashes.

How Eyelashes Deteriorate with Age

In one clinical study the following results were observed:-

Thickness – reduced by 50% between the ages of 18 & 60 with the biggest drop between women in their 20’s & women in their 30’s

Darkness – women in their 60’s had lashes 31% paler than someone 18. Again the biggest reduction in darkness was between women in their 20’s and 30’s. And women in their 40’s had similar lash paleness to women in their 60’s

Length – lashes had reduced by 1.1mm for women in their 60’s. There were 2 significant length drops this time: between women in their 20’s & 30’s, and between women in their 50’s & 60’s

So, if you’re aged 32, compared to when you were 21, your lashes are likely to be 29% thinner, 21% paler, & 0.4mm shorter!

And if you’re aged 45 your lashes are likely to be 36% thinner, 29% paler, & 0.6mm shorter than when you were 21.

If you’re aged 55 your lashes are likely to also be 36% thinner, but 30% paler, & 0.7mm shorter than the age of 21.

And if you’re over 60 your lashes are likely to be 50% thinner, 31% paler, & 1.1mm shorter than when you were 21.

What Treatments are Available?

How much do you spend on mascara & eyeliner over 1 year? Are you impressed with the adverts promising high volume mascaras? Have you ever curled your lashes, or had false lashes glued on? Ever lost your real lashes due to the weight of false lashes or the glue used?

Having inadequate or not enough lashes is a medical condition & can be treated. dermalclinic® is the only location in the UK to provide the LashClinic treatment which you can apply very simply by yourself. Following a suitability consultation you can receive the LashClinic solution which is simply applied like liquid eyeliner once a day.

You can double your lash fullness in just 16 weeks! It’s medically approved to provide thicker, darker & fuller lashes and over 2.5 million treatments have been provided in the USA.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to false eyelashes!


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