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Excessive Hair

Hair is a very contentious issue – it all depends where it is and its appearance. At dermalclinic® we concern ourselves with helping you to remove unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal or Wax

Hair removal with wax is quick and relatively easy to do. We can offer hot wax and strip waxing and more information on this can be found on our Wax page. The waxing only treats the hair that’s visible and results may only last around 4 weeks. The hair must be allowed to grow prior to waxing so that the wax can attach to it. A level of pain will probably be experienced, although hot wax minimises this as much as possible, and redness will be apparent afterwards.

The Soprano XL laser hair removal system is renowned for being the most pain-free hair removal system available. This system provides permanent hair reduction as it kills the root of the hair and needs hair with pigment to be effective. Therefore, blonde or grey hair isn’t suitable for laser hair removal. As hair grows in cycles it’s important to have a course of treatments so that the optimum effect can be gained by treating hairs in the different stages of their growth cycles. Whilst being more expensive than waxing the result is much more effective and waxing or shaving would no longer be required. Laser hair removal shouldn’t be confused with IPL which is a different and more painful system.
The vast majority of our patients wish to remove hair for vanity reasons, that is, to appear less hirsute in areas where they wish to be bald. However, we also see many patients who wish to remove hair as they frequently experience hair-related problems, such as in-growing hair, causing unwelcome folliculitis.

What Treatments are Available?

Patients are affected in an individual way. Please contact us for a consultation.


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