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Décolletage Damage

The chest and neckline is quite often ignored in our younger and more youthful days, however as we become older we become all too aware of the fine lines and wrinkles that start to grab our attention, and the attention of other people. We often concentrate on improving our faces but the décolletage, and hands, can be a surefire giveaway of age.

If you feel that plunging necklines during the party season are a no-no, or low cut summer dresses are for days gone by, then it’s time to come into dermalclinic® for a solution!

Many ladies say to us that the décolletage lines are especially obvious when they wake up in the morning : the skin appears crushed and has lost its tone and elasticity.

What Treatments are Available?

The most effective treatment for this area is a very fine dermal filler injected into the skin. The dermal filler acts to rehydrate the skin and act as a skin booster.
Results of this treatment should last between three and six months and a course of three treatment sessions is recommended to give optimum results. Treatment sessions should be approximately four weeks apart.

Maintenance treatments can be performed once or twice a year.

We can also provide certain topical creams to help improve the skin texture of this area which can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers or on their own. The laser peel is also very effective.


Starting from £250
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