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Facial TreatmentsThe main functions of the skin are protection and body shaping.

Our skin is made up of 3 main layers: Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutanious which each have their own important purposes.

Epidermis – consists of 5 layers. Within these layers mitosis (cellular division) and the production of melanin takes place which determines the skin’s colour.

Dermis – Contains collagen and elastin fibre cells. Also hair follicles are protected and grown in this layer.

Subcutanious/Hypodermis –  consists of mainly vein and artery blood supply, lymph and adiopse tissue (fat cells). Its main function is to act as an insulator conserving the body’s heat, and acts as a shock absorber.


Laser skin resurfacing uses a specially crafted beam of thermal energy that gets to work deep into the layers of your skin. The use of this high energy laser allows your skin to naturally repair and reform, encouraging healthy new skin to grow for a more even complexion. The versatile nature of laser treatment means that our experts can target your specific problem areas such as the cheeks, or treat larger areas such as the whole face.
Typically the treatment will reduce the skins age by 2 years per session hence 5 sessions can give up to a visual reduction of 10 years in the skins texture and tone. Normally around 5 treatments are required at 2 to 4 weekly intervals.
Results are accumulative; however, with no down-time or after effects, a customer may wish to have a one off treatment to freshen their skin for an important event. One whole face can be treated in 30 minutes. Periodic refreshers may be required 6 months after the initial course.


Facials help to maintain healthy and youthful skin as it can affected by many factors: age, medication, diet, UV light and genetics etc.

Facials can be adapted to different skin types and characteristics i.e oily, dry, dehydrated, sensitive, combination and ageing skin.

Different types of facials typically include:

Steam – helps to relax the skin and open pores. It also helps to introduce product into the epidermis, conditioning and nourishing the skin. Extraction work can be done to clear and reduce blocked pores.

Massage– can introduce products into the epidermis layer and helps with lymph drainage. By massaging the skin it stimulates and encourages blood flow feeding & nourishing developing skin cells.

Microdermabrasion/Exfoliation – exfoliants are light skin scrubs which remove dead skin cells. Microdermbrasion can remove 60-80% of dead surface skin cells which gives the skin surface  a smoother result.

Masks – can be tailored to skin needs i.e hydration, brightening, decongesting and anti-ageing.


dermalclinic® Classic Facial

This is the ideal treatment to help you relax and unwind, whilst we target your individual skin concerns. Following a thorough steam cleanse, extractions and exfoliation your skin will be plumped and boosted using collagen rich products. Your skin will feel nourished and be visibly brighter. While your skin benefits from a mineral rich mask which encourages cell renewal, you will be treated to a relaxing hand and foot massage.

£95 for 50 minutes or £500 for a course of 6

dermalclinic® Ionzyme Facial (Vitamin Infusion)

The Ionzyme facial treatments are possibly the most advanced skincare treatments of their kind. Your aesthetician will utilise two break-through delivery systems to supply your skin with the nutrition it needs:

Iontophoresis uses electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of the nutrients into the skin.

Sonophoresis uses sound waves to transport the product’s active ingredients through the skin’s layers.

Both treatments are combined to provide a truly intensive and relaxing treatment. The key to the Ionzyme treatment is to enhance the penetration of skincare products into the skin so that the desired results are achieved more quickly. In fact, penetration is more than 4000 times more effective than by a simple topical application and the facial is 12 times more effective than a traditional galvanic facial.

The resulting skin improvements will start to show almost immediately and will continue to get better and better over the next 3 days. By having regular clinic treatments, in addition to using products at home, the concentration of essential nutrients within the skin are enhanced and the desired results are achieved more quickly. We recommend initial treatment once or twice a week and courses are available.

£75 for 30 minutes or £125 for 60 minutes or £150 for 90 minutes

All facials are preceded with a Visia face scan.

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