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Skin Tightening, Stubborn Fat Removal and Cellulite Treatment at dermalclinic® Edinburgh.


Lipo MassageNot everyone is overweight or has a high BMI but they still have the visible signs of excess skin, or poor skin tone that spoils their otherwise trim figure. Flabby stomachs, muffin tops, saddle bags, love-handles are all common issues that many people complain about when they come to dermalclinic®. Lipo Massage by Endermologie is a scientifically proven (over 110 scientific studies) treatment that uses a rolling suction head to encourage collagen and elastin formation.


Body ContouringThe best way to think about this therapy is your fat being ‘mashed up’ by a food mixer. Fat cells are very weak and fragile and are therefore susceptible to this emulsification or ‘mashing up’ with the ultrasound. Much stronger tissues such as blood vessels, nerves, muscles, tendons and skin are not and therefore are unaffected. Your fat cells are destroyed by the mechanical ultrasound vibrations. Your skin will also heat up during this process and this heat (which is a beneficial side effect and not the treatment) will also contribute to skin tightening. Med Contour Dual can be used on patients looking to lose weight and those with just a few stubborn fatty areas which diet and exercise can’t shift. The ultrasound vibrations work at a frequency so high, the sound is inaudible to the human ear. 4-6 treatment sessions are recommended per area. Med Contour Dual is suitable for all parts of the body except the face and neck. One area is approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper.


Deeper thermal heating can be used to benefit the skin tightness by stimulating collagen production. It doesn’t require a general anaesthetic, stitches or the downtime required for a surgical operation. In fact it can be completed within a lunch hour, for example. Following the laser skin tightening the skin may look a little flushed for a short period but can be covered with make-up or cream, and normal activities can be resumed immediately. Over the next few weeks the effects of the increased collagen production becomes more apparent and, in some individuals, over the next few months. This therapy is especially suitable for the neck and face area.


Lipo Massage (LPG) – One Session £75
Lipo Massage (LPG) – Six Sessions £375
Ultrasound Therapy with Med Contour Dual – One Session £200
Ultrasound Therapy with Med Contour Dual – Six Sessions £1000
Skin tightening with near infra red technology (NIR) – One Session £100
Skin tightening with near infra red technology (NIR) – Six Sessions £500

Please note: Lipo Massage (LPG) requires a bodysuit priced at £25.

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Body Contouring

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