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Alevere Weight Loss - Andrew

Alevere Weight Loss - Andrew

Andrew before Alevere.

Alevere Weight Loss - Andrew

Andrew after Alevere.

Thinking of a Gastric Band – Read This First

A gastric band can only be implanted during a surgical intervention and most people are aware that any operation carries a number of risks.

Someone who’s looking at a gastric band as a remedy is highly likely to be overweight and unfortunately that means the level of risk is higher than that of an average operation.

The other thing to consider with a gastric band or stomach bypass operation is that a sudden loss of weight can result in loose and baggy folds of skin which would need to be removed in another operation – quite a major one! The NHS won’t fund this operation and it can leave large and unsightly scars.

Non-Surgical Quick Weight Loss Without Surgery

Alevere is a programme of controlled weight loss that is controlled throughout by Doctors. You can expect to lose (on average) around 1 stone per month if you’re female and 1.5 stones per month if you’re male. You eat 5 times a day so won’t feel hungry. We also re-educate you about food so you can keep the weight off during our maintenance programme.

And what about loose skin? Well we manage that as well with our weekly treatments that tighten the skin as you lose it. So, no surgery!

Life Changing

We’ve never found a dietary programme as effective as Alevere but don’t just take our word for it – read what Andrew Thompstone says about his weight loss journey at the Alevere Northampton clinic below.

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Having reached a point in my life where Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Sleep Apnoea had begun to take their toll on my body & daily living, I knew that I had to do something about it or I would continue to decline.

I originally set out to research the cost and effects of having a gastric band inserted, but in my internet searches I kept coming across the Alevere Diet. I was intrigued by its claims of weight loss whilst under close medical supervision, and decided to investigate further rather than take the drastic and unpleasant route of surgery.

I phoned, the clinic, arranged to visit, and ended up agreeing to start the diet following a doctor’s consultation.  I was highly cynical; I had never seriously attempted to diet before and did not believe that I had sufficient willpower and drive to make this a success.  I was also heavy… really heavy!  At 26 stone I was informed that I was the heaviest person to undertake the diet in the Northampton Alevere clinic. So the task ahead was massive and I honestly gave myself little chance of any significant success.

I got home from the clinic that night and made a decision to just take one day at a time.  If I could do the first day, then I could do the second and so on. I wrote the Phrase “1 Day at a Time” on a chalk board in the kitchen, in a place where I could see it frequently and set out on my journey.

Week 1, I lost 26 lbs. I was amazed. I looked different and felt different from that point. Week followed week and each week I lost more weight. I kept remembering that all I had to do is take each day on its own and follow the plan that had been laid out.

That is not to say that it was easy and pain free.  Moving into ketosis in the first 2 days are not ones that I would like to live through again.  However, by dawn on the third day, with my body adjusted, it all fell into place. I did not have periods of unbearable hunger, and I began not to miss luxury foods. 

I hit my initial 5 stone weight loss 16 weeks ahead of schedule, and having discussed the future with Alevere staff I made the decision to carry on with the diet and see how far I could go with it. So, I took a deep breath and set my sights on a new goal of 10 stone. 24 weeks after starting the diet, that goal has been reached and surpassed.  In fact, to date my weight continues to decrease.

Having started the diet on a large daily dose of insulin and tablets for Diabetes, this has now reduced to negligible levels, and whilst I know I will never not be diabetic, I have realised that I still hold the key to controlling the condition rather than it controlling me.

I am no longer being medicated for hypertension and will shortly have the diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea removed from my list of medical conditions.  The health benefits of the diet have been both massive and tangible, and have altered the course of my life.

Alevere has taught me things about myself, my determination, and my desire to start living again rather than existing I have also completely revised my relationship with food.  I now understand nutrition and how to correctly fuel the body.  These are lessons that I will carry with me now as I look to the future as a significantly smaller man.

In the year ahead I am planning to use my new-found energy to become fitter and healthier.  My goal is to participate in a 10k run later on in the year.  All of this would have been beyond my wildest dreams this time last year.”

Andrew Thompstone

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