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Achieve a New You in 2018 at Dermal Clinic

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ASK someone what they would change about their appearance and chances are they’ll provide a detailed list of “fixes” they’d like to put in place.

Men and women are equally as prone to being self-critical of the little flaws they perceive in their own appearance.

Maybe they’d like to shed a few pounds, lose the muffin top or moobs, bid farewell to frown lines or kiss goodbye to crow’s feet.

We all know these things shouldn’t bother us as much as they do. Yet most of us want to look our very best – indeed, feeling confident about our appearance can affect every aspect of our lives.

Happily, there are loads of ways to get the fixes that can help us to be more confident and feel more fulfilled – without the need to resort to surgery or other invasive treatments.

In fact, here at Dermal Clinic we’re extremely proud of the range of high-quality and proven treatments we offer, all of which have been selected and rigorously tested during our 10 years in business.

Whatever personal goals you are setting to improve how you look and to kickstart a happy and confident new you, we can help. So here is a handy guide to some of our most popular treatments you might want to consider:


Offered at clinic since 2013, Alevere is a fully medically-supervised weight loss programme that allows patients to rapidly reach their goals without having to risk surgery.

We are one of only three clinics in Scotland – and the only one in Edinburgh – to offer this life changing weight loss programme which is overseen by two highly respected local GPs.

As our founder Jackie Partridge puts it: “This is a fantastic treatment for those wishing to make life altering changes to their appearance and overall health.

“Not only does it allow you to reach your weight loss goals but also provides you with support and education to help you keep the weight off and transform your negative attitude towards food.”

Skin Tightening

Do you crave a smoother body and want to get rid of cellulite, love handles, a muffin top or simply loose skin without going under the knife? Then this is the treatment for you.

To best suit your needs we have a range of different options for skin tightening that we offer at the clinic – the most popular of which is the Exilis treatment. Using the world’s most advanced technology, the Exilis platform provides a pain-free treatment to deliver smoother skin.

No matter what part of your body needs a little tweaking, high energy radio frequency tightens skin and reduces fat cells from head to toe.

Depending on the desired results, customers can opt to have one treatment or a full course. The length of the treatment will vary for each part of the body.

Body Contouring

Med Contour Dual treats those fatty areas that diet and exercise have failed to budge.

After just four to six treatment sessions per area, fat cells are destroyed through ultrasound vibrations.

To help patients visualise what is involved, we advise patients that the area covered by a series of treatments is approximately equal in size to a sheet of A4 paper.

Med Contour Dual can also be used to effectively target all areas of your body, apart from the face and neck.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Achieving better skin isn’t just about reducing wrinkles. In fact, amazing results can be achieved by improving the volume, texture and pigmentation of your skin – all of which also helps combat the signs of ageing.

At Dermal Clinic we offer laser skin rejuvenation – one of the most effective treatments for all these skin issues and more.

Using a RevLite laser, it allows treatments to be specified to the needs of the client. The laser can provide treatments that range from being very gentle to those that target the deepest layers of the skin. This cutting edge laser creates a focused treatment that provides quick results.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Once considered a permanent addition to your skin, tattoos can be something people grow out of and want to get removed. We understand this and provide Laser Tattoo Removal that offers customers the option to get tattoos they no longer want removed.

Unlike tattoo parlours we use the RevLite Laser, a medically approved machine, which delivers much quicker results while also ensuring all ink from the tattoo is completely removed.

At no extra charge, we provide state of the art Cryo Cooling which makes it a much more comfortable procedure and no more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place.

Treatment time and the amount of treatments required is all dependant on size and colour of the tattoo which will be discussed during consultation.

Detox Facials

Dermal Clinic has regularly been at the forefront of facial treatments, which work to protect patients’ skin from signs of ageing, breakouts, sun damage and much more.

The Bioceutrics facials target each layer of skin ensuring they are hydrated, protected and repaired. Jackie adds: “No matter how busy your schedule may be, there is a facial option suited to you at Dermal Clinic.

“Whether you chose to enjoy our express, regular or ultimate facial, you can ensure you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.”

For an even deeper cleanse and exfoliation you can add the HydroMedi Pro treatment to your Bioceutrics facial. This additional stage is personalised to match whatever your specific needs are. Whether this be to rectify pollution damage, loss of hydration and elasticity, enlarged pores or oily skin, this deep cleansing treatment promises to exfoliate, hydrate, nourish and protect your skin.

Soprano Laser Hair Removal

If you’re looking to ditch the razor and enjoy smoothness all year round, then now is the best time to begin laser hair removal. Starting early in the year ensures that whichever area of the body you’re treating is ready for summer. The amount of treatments and length of treatments is all dependant on the size of the area being targeted and the individuals’ hair follicles.

We use a revolutionary diode laser system, the Soprano®XL, which enables us to provide a customised treatment method, ensuring a pain-free, hair-free result that works for all skin types. Thanks to its specialised design, the laser assures exceptionally accurate and quick results while providing a gentle treatment. We understand that comfort is key, so we our offer customers Cryo Cooling alongside the treatment.

Getting in touch with us couldn’t be easier – simply call on 0131 447 2642 or email us at info@dermalclinic.co.uk.

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