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Lips through the Ages

Lips have long been a defining feature of the face.

From the pillowy pout of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to the elegant smile of 72-year-old Helen Mirren, lips can be beautiful at any age.

However, it is no surprise that more and more people are seeking help on getting the perfect smile.

Over time our skin can become tired and lose mobility. A little guidance can go a long way in helping you to enhance or restore your lips.

We take a look at how this is possible as we visit lips through the ages.



From bold and bright lipsticks to bee-sting glosses, women in their 20s are after that selfie-ready  pout.

Despite the millennial market being image conscious, women in this age bracket shouldn’t worry about the condition of their lips just yet.

In fact, at this age they should show no signs of wear and tear, and should be well-defined and hydrated.

Being young does have its perks. Did you know that lips are at their most defined at the age of 14 for girls and 16 for boys?



As women go through their 30s, they tend to seek a more voluptuous, less augmented look. This is a far cry from the trends enticing the younger market.

In other words, natural beauty is a main concern.

This continues into their 40s where changes begin to take place. Lips start to lose volume in the perioral area – also known as the white lip – making individuals slightly more aware of thinning.

As women reach the menopause they will also experience hormonal changes that can accelerate skin ageing.

The development of the nasolabial fold – also known as ‘smile lines’ or ‘laughing lines’ –  also places much more attention on the lower region of the face as these creases become more pronounced.

If this is an area of concern, booking in for a consultation with a medically-qualified practitioner could help smooth out any issues. The results are naturally beautiful.




For this age group, focusing on restoring and putting back what you once had is the best way of creating the freshest version of yourself.

Unlike in your 20s where the emphasis is placed on enhancement, older skin generally needs a gentle boost.

This can be a real balancing act as the proportion and harmony of the face is the key to natural looking results.

As your bone density decreases and gravity begins to pull you down, the jaw loses its structural support. This means that the skin around your mouth will lose its elasticity and can be prone to sagging.

By undergoing a simple treatment using hyaluronic acid, not only will you be quenching your skin’s thirst, but injecting life back into the areas that have taken the strain through years of use.



When you hit your golden years, we believe that it is important to embrace your skin and age naturally. After all, some lines and wrinkles can be a sign of a life well lived and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

However, sometimes you do need a little TLC to restore a glowing smile. But don’t get too caught up in every line and wrinkle of ageing skin. It can be easy to fixate on one thing.

At Dermal Clinic our medically-trained staff never assume what areas you would like to treat. It is important that we understand the client’s needs and can make suggestions based on a personal analysis of the skin.

Age is but a number when it comes to fabulous lips.



If you’re looking to inject a little bit of natural fullness into your smile, then why not book in for a consultation with us? Our experienced staff will be on hand to discuss the process and suggest the best course of treatment for you.

For more information or to book in for a complimentary consultation, call us on 0131 447 2642 or email us info@dermalclinic.co.uk.

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